Drawing all questions from a question bank -- will there be repetition?

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Suppose I have a question bank with exactly 15 questions and for some assignment I create a question group which draws 15 questions from this bank.

Will all 15 questions from the bank appear, or may there be some repetition? Alternatively, is there a better way to achieve this? 

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It has been my experience that as long as you have at least as many questions in your bank as what you're drawing, that there will not be duplicates.  There will definitely be duplicate questions if your bank has less questions than what you're drawing though. I was trying to find confirmation in a guide, but haven't been able to.  @kmeeusen , are you positive questions will get duplicated if you're drawing 15 out of a 15 question bank?  I may need to go back and re-do some of my training session info for faculty if that is the case.


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