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Duplicate an assignment

I'm new to Canvas, and wonder if there is an easy way to duplicate assignments. I have a weekly assignment. The instructions are the same, the grading scale/rubric used is the same, the submission options are the same, etc., but the title of it is different as is the due date. Instead of recreating multiple versions of this, is there a way to streamline this process?

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Community Team
Community Team

Hi Justin,

There is not a simple way to make multiple copies of a given content item from within a course.  I can't, for example, begin to create a new assignment and somewhere in the assignment settings check a box that says, 'Make X number copies...'  This is a very commonly requested feature and one that our Product team is very aware of.  Work arounds employed today, include creating a content item and then copying it into your course multiple times, and/or employing Canvas Canvas Commons​ to do something similar.

Community Team
Community Team

 @jdubas , one of the workarounds  @scottdennis ​ mentioned was to create a content item and copy it into a course multiple times. Our esteemed coach  @James_Kocher_UF ​ shared the particulars of that process here: Copying items in a course

Community Team
Community Team

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