Duplicating a quiz without overwriting prior

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My students have to take a test but will have multiple attempts (3) to get their best score. I would like to record their progress, so syncing each attempt to the grade book would be helpful. How do I duplicate a quiz, without each attempt overwriting the previous?

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 @rebergro ...

I'm not sure that it would be necessary to duplicate your test three times...because doing so would increase the overall total score of the assignments in your course.  I created a quiz in my sandbox course with the settings you mentioned above (being able to take the test up to 3 times max).  As you can see from my screen shot, in the SpeedGrader, you can always see the date and time students took the test.

Test in SpeedGrader

As you can see, in May 2018, Frodo got 10 total points (out of 10), but then he re-took the test this evening and only got 2 points.  So, I can cycle between each attempt for the same test without having to navigate between two different tests...seeing the responses from students for each question on the main part of the screen (in the "View Log" area).

Would this work for your needs?

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