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Duplicating the ‘module’ nav, or adding a link to a section in modules?

Hello all

I am trying to set up a Canvas site so it has modules for 2 things that are happening simultaneously but not concurrently in my lab. This is for an upper division, in person (maybe!) lecture and lab. 

While at the beginning they do line up, mid way through I divert into talking about viruses which we don’t work on in the lab. There are other occurrences where the lecture and lab don’t line up. For instance, we talk about culturing, but i need to get through structure/function, before I get to metabolism. I also sometimes spend more than one week on a topic, and therefore lining up per week doesn’t work either.  So, using the current one module fits all is really hard and doesn’t lead to a great experience for my students. 

Currently, how I’m thinking of setting this up is:


Lecture Topic 1

Lecture Topic 2

Lecture Topic 3


Lecture Topic 20

Lab 1

Lab 2


Lab 8

However, the problem then comes in navigation. So, I came up with the smart idea of having links on the front page that would link to the beginning of the lecture module and then the beginning of lab module for another link. Great. Works fantastic on a desktop. Does not work on a mobile device (which is where most of our students are accessing their content right now), and just gives lab 1, and you cannot access lab 2 etc, even though they are open and published.

So. Can you have a second module set up? I think this is possibly impossible how canvas is set up. I might be wrong. Do I make a ‘page’ and have a whole bunch of individual links to stuff. Is there a title block in modules I could link to? Or do I try and persuade my admin to set us up with a second module just for a lab? 

How are you all doing this? 

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