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Dynamically resizing iframes in Canvas

I am trying to dynamically size iframes in canvas. I can size the width by setting it to 'width=100%' but it does not allow me to dynamically size the height, which means any time we update the iframe, we have to go to each location and manually change the height for each one. For Moodle and Blackboard, I am able to use the iframeResizer.js found here: GitHub - davidjbradshaw/iframe-resizer: Keep same and cross domain iFrames sized to their content wi... 

However it appears that it is unsupported in Canvas. Is there another solution for dynamically sizing height for iframes in Canvas?

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No updates that I've heard about. I think this has kind of been lost in the shuffle. It should probably be added to the idea/feature requests if we want it to gain any traction. 

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It sure would be helpful to be able to dynamically size iframes based on the browser's window size. That is the only thing stopping us from using iframed content from a department Web server in all our Canvas shells. One advantage you get is when teaching several sections of the same course, if a need arises to modify a content page you only have to make the change in one place, on the department Web server, and not in each course shell for every section of a particular course. We also use the same generic content in most of our Canvas courses; again it makes more sense to have one copy of that content on the Department Web server instead of hard coded in each Canvas course shell.

There is a desperate need among instructors to be able to manage centralized data not siloed data.

Please help!

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We probably need a new idea/feature request created for this. With the new update to the community system, I think the feature request became lost in the shuffle 😕

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Community Advocate

I know this is an older thread, but if anyone is interested I created a video that discusses creating responsive iframes in Canvas.

Here is a blog post to further discuss the concept: 


With just a little bit of coding you can create responsive YouTube players in your Canvas course that automatically adjusts to the width of your screen. The...