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ELI5: How does Grade Passback Work for Cross-Listed Sections

My school district is new to Canvas this year, and I don't completely understand how cross-listed sections work with grading. Can someone Explain Like I'm 5 -- how does Grade Passback work for Cross-Listed sections? Does someone on the admin end need to set the SIS up to read data from cross-listed sections specifically, or do students generate IDs that are automatically pulled for their sections no matter where the sections exist?

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Community Team
Community Team

@SEssay  I apologize that no one has responded to your question before now...and I hope that by now the Canvas admin for your district has set up grade passback for your cross-listed courses in keeping with the specific SIS used by the school. Please let us know if you still need assistance.

I am going to bump this - we are installing passback this summer and last school year had issues with teachers crosslinking things in weird ways. We wanted to start the year off right with best practices for crosslinking so passback still works.