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Edit bug with new quizzes

I believe I have found what I consider a bug with editing/copying/importing new quizzes.  Instructors are unable to edit the due date of new quizzes that were set as due in a previous grading period.  Administrators are able to do so.  Instructors and administrators are unable to import new quizzes from a pervious grading period without the due date also being imported with it.  Yes, I have tried checking the box "Remove due date" with no success.  Instructors and administrators are unable to "copy to" a new quiz from a previous grading period without the due date being copied with it.  None of this is occurring with assignments or classic quizzes from previous grading periods (I have not attempted it with discussions).  Canvas, for the sake of the sanity of Canvas Administrators everywhere, who are being asked to edit the due dates of hundreds of new quizzes so instructors can edit/copy/import them, please fix this.

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You might have better luck reporting this issue in the New Quizzes 'hub':


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Community Coach

Hi @jhowellevit …

In addition to what @gpillsbury posted, I would also suggest that you reach out to Canvas Support to see if they can be of assistance.  They would be able to log a ticket on your behalf and tell you if this is expected behavior or if there is a bug that needs to be addressed by their software engineers.  Posting a message here in the Community does not log a ticket for Canvas Support.  To contact Canvas Support, you can check out this Guide:

Please come back to this thread to provide an update so that we know how this was resolved for you…thanks!