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Edpuzzle Grade Passback: full credit for completing the assignment.

I just started using the Edpuzzle app in Canvas which includes grade passback from Edpuzzle to Canvas. I would like to give students full credit just for completing the Edpuzzle assignment. I can't get that outcome to happen automatically though.

Let's consider an Edpuzzle assignment with three questions on it. A student scores 1 out of 3. I would like this student to receive full credit just for completing it even though the student did not get all of the questions correct. When I set up a 10 point assignment in Canvas:

  • If I set it up based on points, the student receives a score of 3.3 in the Canvas gradebook.
  • If I set it up as complete/incomplete, it gets marked as incomplete and gets counted as a zero. 

Is there anything I can do on the Canvas side so that a student automatically receives full credit just for completing the Edpuzzle assignment?

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I've never used EdPuzzle but I have a possible idea to make this work a little better for you (maybe).  I'm assuming that these are not high stakes and you mainly want to track them.  If so, how about putting all of these assignments in Canvas into an Assignment group and weight that Assignment group at 0%.  In this way the grades are just recorded and not counted.  Then for the Assignment Settings on each, set the Display Grade as to Letter Grade, and create a scale that any grade displays "Complete" or something else. 


So now you have a place where all of the grades are recorded as simply Complete or blank, but not counting.  Create an Assignment now to hold the actual combined grade of all of the EdPuzzle assignments.  At the end of the term count how many Completes each student has and manually enter their grade.

I know it's not perfect and requires some work to set up and maintain, but really that is about the only option I can come up with on the Canvas side since it looks like EdPuzzle is sending over points.  It might be worth lookin on the EdPuzzle side to see if there is a different option of what gets sent to Canvas.

Good luck,


Thanks so much for the answer! Any ideas on how grading things this way might sync over to PowerTeacher Pro?  Does it work?  Thank you!

Sorry, but this is a workaround, not a solution. The original question still stands, and reveals an error in the Edpuzzle/Canvas integration. It would be better to mark this as unsolved so that it persists as a problem and is flagged as something that needs attention from Edpuzzle and Canvas.

I agree. This is not a solution. This needs an actual solution from Edpuzzle and Canvas.