Eliminating a paper in "assignments"

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How do I eliminate a paper submitted by a student in the section "assignments". Can I do it or does the student need to do it herself.


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Hi  @sofiat  and welcome to the Canvas Community. It's not possible for a student or teacher to remove a submission that a student has made to an assignment. As long as the due date/availability date for the assignment has not passed, the student will be able to submit another file. The first submission will still be there but Canvas will show the dates that each file was submitted so the teacher can mark the latest submission and ignore the older one.
There are sometimes situations where it's important to get the submitted document removed from the assignment; for example if it contains copyrighted or personal information that should not have been made visible in Canvas. In these cases the submission can only be removed by an engineer from Instructure so a support ticket needs to be logged asking them to do this. In my experience Instructure support are not keen to do this at the request of a teacher; they want the request to be logged by the local Canvas administrator. Therefore if you definitely want this submission removed, I recommend speaking to the Canvas admin at your college and asking them to put in a request on your behalf.

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