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Email students in one section only, without sending to instructors as well

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I am a TA and want to email students only in my lab section. There is a feature which allows me to compose an email to just my lab section, however my email is sent ALSO to all the instructors and teachers on record for lecture and lab (even though they are NOT within the list of those I am sending to-- only the student's names were listed).

I did not see a way to see a list within the section to de-select instructors on record, as this was an option (annoyingly time consuming, but at least an option) found in SmartSite. Thus, the instructor's names are not within the list but are hidden- as they are getting my email along with the students that are listed.

How might one send an email to a section of students but not to instructors as well?

Thank you!

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Happy to help. I will send an email to the individual who posed as the TA and find out how the message was sent, and then ask if it could be sent to all students if it was not originally sent that way.  I will post an update when I know more. Smiley Happy

Update: The email has now been sent both ways: to an individual student and to all students, and, in both instances, I have yet to receive an email in my Inbox in Canvas or through my institutional email that I use for notifications.

Hope this helps. Smiley Happy

Thanks for that diligent testing,  @jbrady2 !  @blgartland  , I've marked Jeff's response upthread with the "Correct" answer designation, as this behavior appears to be something that is customized at your institution (perhaps by how roles and permissions were created), so check with your Canvas Admins for further insight. If you still need assistance here, the conversation remains open for participation, so please feel free to post a comment.