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Emails or Content that Only goes to TA's?

Is it possible to create emails or notifications or even assignments that ONLY go to one ROLE? For example If I want the same content/ email to go to TA's ONLY - and not students - each week and in all courses....can I create that and limit who sees it? Or create a weekly email that only goes to the TA's?  Or any other creative option?

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Community Coach
Community Coach

 @alycea , greetings! When you go to send a message in Canvas through the Inbox, you can designate who you want the message to go to, including TA's. Yet, you can't automate this. You would need to go in and do this manually each week. As for assignments, I'm not sure what you mean - is this a notification about grading? If so, then the TA's will automatically have assignments that need graded show up in their "To do" list in Canvas. They can also designate in their notification settings, if they want notified when students submit work that needs to be graded.

Hope this information helps!