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I used the iframe instructions found in the search options and it appears to not work with a webpage that I would like to embed into my course.

Here is the URL:


WSU EMPOWER: Choosing Your Topic

Any suggestions on how to fix to enable me to have this website resource within Canvas would be great.  I would like for my students to view the webpages from this source within Canvas.

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Instructure Alumni

 @kevinm_washburn , the viewing problem might not be with the code you used to embed the web page, but rather, how browsers treat http: content. After you save the content page using the <iframe> code, check your browser's address bar to see if it's showing an odd icon. Refer to this resource for instructions: External or "insecure" content: Strategies for helping students cope​ . You might find that you have to enable "external content" or "insecure content" in order to view the embedded web page.

  • If, after allowing that external content to appear on the page, your web page does display, you then have a couple of choices:

    1. Leave the page as it is, and give your students robust instructions on how to enable external content in their respective browsers;
    2. Experiment with the code to see if the web site to which you're linking supports the https: protocol. You can do that by simply adding an s to the http: in your HTML to see if the content still displays. If it does, both you and your students should be able to view it without any further clicks or altered settings.

  • If the external content icon does not display on the address bar, or if after enabling external content the web page still doesn't display in your content page, please share with us the HTML code you used to embed the websites so we can help you troubleshoot it.

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