Emojis greyed out in module and page titles

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A colleague recently created a number of modules and pages and used colour coded emojis to better distinguish categories. They worked well for a while in Chrome but are now greyed out. She opened the modules in Edge and it worked for a while until again the emjois went grey.

See the attachment. The first topic's circles are green and the second are red.

This has now happened to a number of people. Any ideas brains trust?? 

Thank you!

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It's a system-wide failture. Numerous instructers posting in the FB group "Teachers Using Canvas," including myself, have reported the same problem.

Hopefully, the colors will come back. However, I should point out that using only colors to distinguish between categories is problematic for color-blind students. I would suggest that your colleague also use shapes (e.g. red circle, blue square, green triangle).

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