Error Message on Updating Scores on Survey

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I am having my students take an unscored survey each week, and I know that as a teacher I can leave additional comments on their survey responses. After typing in the additional comments and then clicking "Update Scores" I receive an error message and nothing saves. Is there a setting or something that I am doing wrong, or is it an issue on Canvas' end. Any help would be appreciated!

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In order to have an option to leave feedback, you must be using a quiz that will show up in the gradebook for your survey, and have set it up in a way that does not impact grades.  (Rather than selecting ungraded survey as the type of classic quiz).  There are a couple of ways to set up a quiz so that it will not impact grades, and none of them should alter your ability to leave feedback. 

In new quizzes there is a blue "done" button under the textbox where you may type comments about each individual question.  You need to click the done button at the end of the question and also the update button at the end of the quiz for your comment to save, but I have not found a combination that produces an error message. 

In classic quizzes there is not an individual button for your completed comments about individual questions, so you only need the update button at the end of the quiz.  In both quizzes there is also a separate comment box in the right side of the speedgrader window with its own submit button unrelated to the update button.  I also have not found a combination of these options that creates an error message.

What does your error message say?  If it is not descriptive enough for you to address, this will probably require a canvas support ticket.

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