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Error: Unable to transmit file to the storage service

I'm trying to upload a file from Google Drive and I'm receiving this error message:


I have re-logged in and tried uploading the files on different days.  Still getting the message.

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Problems between Google Drive and Canvas are not uncommon. Here are some other threads that may hold some troubleshooting answers:

This is about general Google Drive issues and some extensions that may be causing problems:

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The problem seems to occur when you try to add a Google Doc file to your course files from a  Google drive sync folder on your desktop. I suspect this is because Files doesn't have the workflow to convert the .gdoc file to a non Google docs format.

I found that I could successfully upload an Excel workbook from my synced Google drive, but a Google .gdoc file errors out. The solution, then, is to use the File > Download option in Google drive to save a non-Google version of the file for use in Canvas.