Everything is super zoomed in and I can't access my courses.

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So the problem exists across all three browsers I use on my computer, Chrome, Edge and Explorer and has persisted over the course of a couple days while on my home wifi. I was at my local library yesterday though and there was no problem and canvas worked perfectly. I have tried the two suggestions in this post What to do when Canvas looks 'big' or 'zoomed in'! and so far it hasn't worked. 

336471_2020-01-27.png336467_2020-01-27 (1).png336468_2020-01-27 (2).png336469_2020-01-27 (3).png336470_2020-01-27 (4).png

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 @robertbagdanovi ‌,

Welcome to the Canvas Community!!!

I just want to confirm that you followed the steps in Chrome to clear your browser cache?  Are you able to try a different computer on the same wifi network?

You may also reach out to your local support people at UCF - UCF IT .  Do you know if your school has a VPN client that you can install and then try to access Canvas through that?


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