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Exporting Content

When exporting content to save for future use, what all does it save?  Does it save content created in the Canvas Studio as well?


Any help would be great!

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Community Coach
Community Coach

Hi @ScottJabbour 

First, all Canvas content (pages, quizzes, discussions, assignments, rubrics, etc.) can be copied to a new course shell or exported as an IMSCC file that can then be imported into a new shell. Users, and user submissions and their associated grades are not copied.

Secondly, for instructors, any media added to a course is created as a separate collection so they can tag media for better organization and searchability.  As far as I know, all embedded content will copy over to the new course shell. I hope this helps, but you can learn more in the Canvas Studio Guide.

I would recommend testing this by copying a course into your sandbox.


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