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There does not appear to be a way to export and import content into item banks through the GUI or an API.  Is there an API (or one coming soon) for Item Bank import/export?  We also reviewed the full Course Export in IMSCC format and could not find the item banks.  Are item banks supposed to be in the export?

Since question banks are supported for 2 more years and item bank is not as full featured yet, is it a reasonable approach to use question banks for now?  Will there be a more convenient migration process coming (if so approximately when) where we can convert our courses with question banks to item banks?

Thank you!


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Hello @alexandra_janos 

Thank you for contacting the Canvas Community. We're sorry to hear you've been experiencing issues with exporting/importing item banks. Thanks for explaining the problem and we understand that it is a bit of a process to get question banks to item banks (currently) and will be working on improving that for the future. For now, there are some options you have but yes - you  can continue  using question banks without issues. Ideally, the process to transfer question banks to item banks  will be as intuitive and  easy as the "migrate" option we have now to move classic to new quizzes. You are welcome to continue using question banks  for now.

To convert question banks to  item banks you have some options as has been discussed in this post here:


You can migrate the classic to new, and then move those to an item bank. You can export the classic quiz as QTI file and then import as a new quiz (probably best method) and create the item bank when you do so. There's some good directions in that post, feel free to check it out. 


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