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Exporting Studio Insights as a Report

I know how to view the Studio Insights for a video, but is there a way to export this data into a report? I would like to be able to download actionable data, not just click through student by student inside the course.

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We have the exact same issue in our organization. Any ideas??
I wonder that if the video interface is able to show the insights student by student, there should be a way to get all this information together. Can we achieve this via API or something similar?

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Canvas has Studio Admin Analytics on their roadmap for June 2021. I am not sure what that means at this point, but I filled out a survey on what features should be in it.

Technically, you can get the insights out of Canvas Studio using the API. It is slow, though, and definitely not suitable for displaying in a web page. The Canvas Studio API basically limits you to 1 request per second. You can make more, but for sustained requests, you will hit the limit and it will stop returning information if you try to go faster.

The Studio API will give you the pandaTokens that you need to get the insights for each user. Those aren't contained in Studio, so you can hit it a little faster. I was making 5 requests at a time without issue there.

The biggest issue I encountered, though, is that the insights are not reliable. If you are having network issues, it doesn't send that you've watched portions of the video (confirmed while I was watching a video). I've also had students watch a video because they left comments on it and discussed it, but the insights showed nothing for them.

The insights could also be better. I would like to know how many times a student watched the portions of the video rather than a binary yes/no. I would also like to know when they watched the video to see if they did it before they took the quiz or after.

I really stressed over insights and trying to track students for the Fall 2020 semester. When we filled out early-alert reports, I would put what percentage of the videos the student had watched. When the students eventually reached out (my messages to them go unheeded), I could tell them that one reason they're doing poorly is that they've only watched 17% of the content for the course.

One of the best things I did for my health was to let go of that for the Spring 2021 semester.

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Hello @James 

I cannot thank you enough for sharing your experience!! It has been super useful to me. Do you know by chance where can I find further documentation about how to manage the Studio API? I am not able to find it at the Canvas Community, or else I am really lost.

I keep in mind the reliability issues that you describe, but I need at least something I can work with, and for now my contacts at Studio are ignoring my emails...

The latest information I have directly from my contact at Studio is that, despite being on the roadmap for June, the admin analytics will probably be delayed until July at least.

Thank you again, I am sure this will be helpful for other users as well.

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The old API documentation that Studio uses for insights (and other things) is at

The public API that they want you to use, but doesn't have as many endpoints, is at 

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Hi there, @All-And , @James , and @sgarcia1 ...

Here is a link to the Studio Release Notes that cover the new Studio Analytics that just became available: Studio Release Notes (2021-06-29) - Instructure Community.  To access the Studio Analytics screen, click on the "Studio" button in your global navigation, and then click on the three-lined hamburger menu icon at the top left corner of the Studio interface (just to the left of "My Library").  Then at the bottom of your list, you will see a link for "Studio Analytics".  Unfortunately, I do not see any data related to the "Insights" of a given video.

Just wanted to share this information with all of you...for what it's worth.  Take care...