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I am exporting courses from my company's Canvas to my own private teacher account so as to preserve them for future use.  They seem to be exporting well, but of the three I've tried to import into my account, one has imported successfully, but of the other 2, one has stuck on "queued" (having previously stopped at 8% and refused to go further), and the last one has a green bar saying "uploading" which has remained static with all of the 'import content' info above it greyed out.

I have a number of courses to export/import before the deadline at the end of the month, and I can't be doing with this all the time.  What is the problem?


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Instructure Alumni

@silvamayflower  By "private teacher account," are you referencing an account that you created for yourself in Free For Teachers? If so, it's possible that the size of the courses you exported exceeds the course quota granted to FFT users. Please refer to Canvas Account Comparisons PDF for details.

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@silvamayflower  This lesson details the various messages that display upon importing or attempting to import a course:  How do I view the status of current and prior cour... 

As mentioned upthread, instructors can view how much of their quota a particular course uses in the Files tab of that course, and when a course import is "stuck" the best course of action is to contact Canvas Support—I suggest using the link on your school's instance rather than the Free For Teachers instance—and explain the situation in the ticket description.

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