Extend time for student across all quizzes?

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Is there a global setting that can be applied to special student profile that extends quiz time instead of manually editing each quiz for student ?

I have a student with special needs who requires additional time for quizzes.

Instead of manually extending the time for each and every quiz via Moderate This Quiz, is there a global setting that can be set within the profile for that specific student that allows for quiz time extension like in Moodle?


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 @madronal ​, no, you cannot currently do this in Canvas--at least, not as a teacher (see below). In order to extend quiz times for a specific student, you will need to use the Moderate This Quiz feature in every individual quiz, as you've described.

On the bright side, the ability to is on the product team's radar; even though this idea was archived, it did receive a positive comment from the product team, indicating that it is in the longer-term plan.

In addition, in the comments section of that archived feature idea, ryant​ pointed out that admins do have the ability to accomplish this through the API: Course Quiz Extensions - Canvas LMS REST API Documentation  Perhaps that can serve as an interim-term remedy for you.

(And I wanted to let you know that I edited your question slightly by shortening the title and placing the long question in the body of the post itself. This will make it easier to find in search results.)

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