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Extension of due dates for one student

Is there a function in Canvas whereby I can extend one student's due dates, all of them, in one fell swoop, rather than go into each assignment and click "add?"

This would be a way of responding quickly to a student's need in an emergency, say.

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You can accommodate most student needs in new quizzes using the moderate tab in the instructor view of any quiz.  The moderate tab of the instructor view of the quiz has an accommodate column at the far right.  The pencil icon in that column includes time adjustments that will apply to all quizzes.  The moderate button has options that only apply to the quiz you are working on.

I do not believe there is a similar option for extending the due dates of all activities.  You might want to suggest that in an idea conversation here:

I would wonder how this would work.  If all activities are extended the student's due dates will run over the end of the semester.  Would this be specific to students for whom an incomplete grade will be granted, or would you want it to proportionately condense the due dates so that the student is eventually caught up and finishes with the rest of the class?  Should weekends and holidays matter with that automatic reassignment?  Or would it be better to have a calendar of missing and upcoming assignments for a specific student that allowed you to click and drag each assignment to a new date, with the result being the same due time on the new date for only the specific student you are looking at?