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Not sure if any other students are having this problem, but I cannot submit an important assignment because an error message keeps popping up every time I try. This error did not show up before, because I was able to see and download the document my teacher assigned, but now nothing will load except the error.

If I try to load the external tool it says, "An error occurred, please try again," and underneath that message it says "Click 'Load' to load your Cloud Assignment." I have spammed the load button but it keeps showing the error message. 

I assumed it was just a problem with my computer, but it also popped up on my phone as well. I'm not sure what to do to fix this problem, so if anyone knows what to do to solve this issue I'd really appreciate it! 

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Hi @Victoria_N 

You have asked your question in a global community of Canvas user; who, like yourself, can only access their own courses and account. Your best bet is to contact your teacher and see if they can troubleshoot this third-party integration.


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