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Extra Credit Questions or "Free" Questions on a Quiz

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Ok...I know how to create EC assignment, and I've seen how to make an entire quiz extra credit, and I've read a little about "fudge points" which seems to be a completely convoluted way to add points to something,  but my question is, is there anyway to make a quiz where the outcome is more than 100%?  For example, I have a midterm exam with 60 questions, but I only want 55 of them to count, so in essence the student has 5 "free" questions.  I don't make a distinction over which questions they are.  The test is on a random draw.

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This discussion is now five years old and maybe things have changed in that time. But I find that I can make quizzes/exams worth however many points I want. They can be more or less than 100 points! It is all a matter of how many points you assign to each questions + how many questions you have on the quiz.

Of course, in terms of percent correct, that will always be calculated based on 100%. So if you want extra questions built into the exam, that can get tricky if those extra questions are assigned a point value. If that (or any) question goes unanswered, Canvas grade book will say the student got less than 100% correct.

If you are giving the students an option of which questions not to answer, and they are automatically graded questions (vs. essay questions) that is then going to be tricky. You won't know which questions to assign as zero points. Then Canvas will say the percent earned is lower than you actually want it to be. 

It is easier if you can specify which questions are "extra" (option to answer or not) and assign those as zero points. Then just manually add points if they answer correctly.