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Extra credit quiz questions?

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Is it possible to have extra credit questions on a quiz? For instance have 22 one-point questions on a 20 point value quiz... if it’s possible, how do I do that? Thanks! 

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To make things worse. I have two zero point questions in a 10 questions quiz that I manually grade after the exams are taken to give extra credit. Students get 2 takes to increase retention. I was told by some of my students that the automatic feedback for these questions is wrong answer despite being correct so they changed their answer the second time. If this is the case, I will have to stop providing extra credit questions in quizzes as this is understandingly upsetting to students!

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This actually is NOT a workable method for "bonus" questions - it still relies on using the "speedgrader" after-the-fact to add points MANUALLY after grading MANUALLY! Ideologically, it appears the CANVAS engineers think everyone manually grades all assessments. However, if I have 60 students and 2 bonus questions, that's a TON of MANUAL grading when every question in the quiz is machine-gradable type. In addition, students do not see the accurate points earned on an assessment until I have time to MANUALLY go into every single submittal to see if the student answered that item and then grade it. Every main LMS I have used allows bonus, or extra-credit, type questions that are automatically graded and considered with the remainder of the quiz items. WHY oh WHY is CANVAS so archaic in this respect?

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Not a solution when dealing with 600 students. Canvas needs to really get working on this issue. This is a much needed feature.