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Faculty Using Canvas Actively vs Not?

Have you ever tried to run a report of what faculty were using Canvas and what faculty were not? I am trying to run a report of unpublished courses, with enrollments (eliminating cross listed children sections), and tie them to the teacher role, to see what faculty are not using Canvas.

If only I could see the who the “Teachers” were in the “View Analytics” page for the Fall term, I could cross compare with all the teacher enrollments for the term. Or if the Unpublished Courses report would show the enrollment amount and even Teacher ID, but alas it does not.

Any ideas?

Mike Scalero

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I am joining this conversation late.

Every semester I analyze the usage of Canvas in our on-campus traditional classes.  I really only use a single API call per course for this...  (I also look at the assignment groups but that is less relevant for your needs). I get the assignments for each course via the API.  I use this to tell me:

How many assignments has the instructor created?

Are they using rubrics?

Are they using Roll Call?

Are they muting assignments?

What submission types are being accepted?

Are they using TurnItIn?

You can learn a lot from just this single API call.

I do this as a ruby script that creates a .csv file.  I can then analyze in Excel.  I assume that anyone who creates six or more assignments is using Canvas actively.  For 700 courses this runs in less than an hour.

Simply looking at whether a course is published or not is only a very slight bit of information.  We have a requirement that all Syllabi are posted in Canvas so we run a separate report to check if syllabi are posted.  Analyzing assignments gives a lot of information about the average depth of usage across the institution.

I would like to analyze how many people are using the grade book fully to calculate their final grades.  Unfortunately I don't know a good way of doing this. Anyone have ideas?

We never share this data beyond our office in the specific sense (no faculty or course names).  I am really not interested in this and would be opposed to any attempt to do this at our institution.  But we do share broad analysis of usage by College Divisions and do use this information to inform our training.


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I am thrilled with the free daily data, After attending InstructureCon 2015 I couldn't wait for it to be available once a month. Now we can pull what we need whenever we need it! Fantastic!

We do the same as Josh, but instead of looking for specific tool use we just look for a student submission of any type.  I've got a php script that reads the CSV file we use to generate courses/sections and enroll instructors, it looks at each course using the API, and it generates a CSV file that lists instructor, department(s) they teach in (some of our faculty teach in multiples, like Math and ITE), how many courses they have total, how many courses are used in Canvas, how many completely online classes they have, and how many web enhanced or hybrid classes they have.

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Community Coach

 @mscalero ​, a number of people from the Community have come up with different ideas for your problem, will any of these work for you?