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Failed attempted logins

Good morning all,

I am new to Canvas as I was Blackboard learn  back end  admin for last  15 years.  Currently I changed jobs from Higher Ed to k-12. my current employer uses canvas for middle/high schools. We have been  experiencing a strange behavior since the start of the school year.  Students/Faculty  have to try several times  before they can login. 

Canvas is hosted and AD is used for authentication.   Any suggestion?


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Hi  @darouichia 

I have no idea, but suspect something to do with integration and perhaps a change in your SIS, but this greatly exceeds my expertise.

So, I am going to share your question with the Canvas Developers‌ and K-12‌ groups where there are folks who could prove much more helpful.



Hi  @darouichia  Welcome to the Canvas Community and to the wonderful world of Canvas K-12. 

I haven't seen that behaviour before. Is it still happening?

What tech support do you have onsite or within your Canvas instance to look into it?

Hi Aziz,
Bobby has some great questions especially around your on-site technical support (I also wondered, as you have been a BB Learn admin if you are the Canvas admin for your new institution). I wanted to let you know there is a debug function for Single-sign-on integrations, but your school's Canvas administrator (if that is not you) would need to go in and do this. Unfortunately, I don't have access to an instance configured with SSO at this point in time, but you can get to this via the Admin Menu --> Account Name --> Authentication Menu and they should be able to temporarily turn on debugging to find out what is going on.

It may also be beneficial to engage your Active Directory administrators so they can review the logs on their side to see where the failure might be occurring. Depending on where you host your Active Directory it could really be anything such as firewall issues, down to a configuration problem, so best to engage other on-site systems admins to try to pull together the possible causes and help dig into the issue deeper.

Hope that helps!