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Failed to load resource: the server responded with a status of 404 (Not Found) null.css

Hello everyone, I have a problem when I load a page on a web platform. The message says:


I will be looking forward your replies.

Thanks in advance.

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Hi there,  @edilojacanvas !

Out of curiosity, what were you doing when you received the error? Is it when you open any page inside of Canvas? Or only specific actions?

I'd love to help try and isolate this (or send this over to a group that may be able to help out), but something like this may be best sent over to Canvas Support. You can most likely access your institution's help info from inside of Canvas after you login (in the right hand menu).

Let us know how things progress and if you come up with a resolution!

Hi Kenneth,

This problem appears specifically when entering a sub-account in the production environment. In this sub-account I have loaded custom files (css and js). But in the test environment, I have loaded the same custom files and I don't have mistakes only I have a message warning (attachment picture).


Thanks for this,  @edilojacanvas ‌. I'm going to share your question with both the Canvas Admins‌ and Canvas Developers‌ groups to see if anyone else has an idea for you. The conversation will continue in this thread, and you won't have to be a member of those groups to see the dialogue. However, you may want to join them if they are of interest to you. Smiley Happy

Thank you Kenneth, I'd like join group for learn more :smileygrin:

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Check out the guide that will walk you through how to join/follow groups and participate in them. Not only is it great to learn, it's even better to participate and bring your unique skill-set to our Community Smiley Happy

Community Team
Community Team

Hello Luis,
I'm going to go ahead and mark this question as assumed answered but if this is still an open question for you, please come back and tell us so. Marking the question as answered won't prevent other people from finding it or commenting but it will help us know which questions still need answers.

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