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Feedback on Interface

I find Canvas really hard to use.  Sometimes, with help, there are easy ways to do things that I found hard.  But it takes too much effort or help to find those ways.

Even to find this place to give feedback took the professional Canvas Help employee about 10 minutes.


1) On the main user page, not a separate www site, there should be a place for quick suggestions or complaints.

2) Canvas should work hard to make the user interface easier.  To do this you have to literally watch lots of new users struggle.

As is, there is no way that I am not mad at myself for not just, say, putting all my course material on a google drive folder.   I've spent at least 20 hours on things that would have been fast and easy.

Some examples: 

* Making a folder with files in it that I can just upload to, now and again, and have the students find there, without lots of clicking and menus.  I should be able to just drag and drop a file from my computer into a folder on Canvas.  Or at least a special category of folder.  And then it should be visible to students with no more clicks and menus and so on.

* Having a home page that doesn't have "assignments" at the bottom.

* Making assignments in a way that, say I get a bit behind, doesn't involve pushing things down one assignment at a time for the rest of the semester.



OH MY GOD!!!  Even figuring out how to post this little thing is turning into a chore!!!!
I have to pick a "Publish Location!"  What is that?????? I just guessed "InstructureCon".  That is probably not appropriate.  But I don't know what _is_ appropriate.  HELP!

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Hi,  @ruina .

Welcome to the Canvas LMS Community. We're a community of Canvas users around the world helping each other use this LMS.

I'm sorry to hear that you're frustrated with Canvas. I also often get annoyed with new software.

You can find information about the Help menu in Canvas at How do I get help with Canvas as an instructor?. Keep in mind that schools can customize the menu, so yours may differ.

The home page with assignments at the bottom is the Syllabus page, which you can choose not to use. You can find instructions on choosing a different home page at How do I change the Course Home Page?.

If you have specific actionable ideas for improving Canvas, please go to Canvas Studio to see if a similar idea has already been submitted. If so, you can vote on it. If not, you can submit your idea for the community to consider. You can find information about the process at How does the feature idea process work in the Canvas Community?.

You can find robust guides to Canvas at Canvas Instructor Guide - Table of Contents. For visual learners, there are videos available at Guides: Video.

Good luck on your journey of Canvas exploration.

Best regards,


Community Champion

I would be remiss if I left off your own school's Canvas resources: Learn to Use Canvas | Center for Teaching Innovation.