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Fellow Teachers Didn't Get Invite/Class Starts Next Wk.

Hello. I work at a non-profit training organization and we teach a course annually through a state university. Because we have three facilitators, we can't use their system (BlackBoard) as only one instructor can get an account. We discovered Canvas. I signed up yesterday, clicking the FFT link at some point, so I see we have that version. I created the course and am trying to add the other two teachers (and hope to add the enrolled students) however neither teacher has received the invitation. It says pending next to each of their names in the "people" section so it looks like the invite was generated. But they've checked their spam folders and don't have anything. Is there something I'm doing wrong? Our course starts next week and I'm very concerned about getting everyone in.

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Hello,  @eroberts2  , and welcome to the Community.  I'm assuming you followed these directions. 

Maybe someone in the Free-For-Teachers‌ group can help you.

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We've been using FFT for over a year, and hear this often. When this happens I give users specific instructions so they can start the login process on their own. Enabling self enrollment also helps:  

The challenge is that this also happens frequently with a password reset too, which is needed for the above options. However the above steps have helped us a lot.