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File Submission Error.

I submitted a major assignment and the product that was submitted was an incomplete version. Knowing it was a major assignment, I checked if the file was correct and updated.  When I viewed the file like in the screenshot, everything in my file was complete and ready to go. I check again a day later and the file in Canvas showed an incomplete version. Please fix/help. 331583_pastedImage_1.png

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Community Coach
Community Coach

For those reading through this discussion, a similar question posted by Eric is located here: Canvas Uploaded an Outdated Version of my file.

Hello  @ericnguyen575 ...

I am sorry to see that you are having difficulties submitting a file...and that, for some reason, an out-of-date file seems to be submitting instead of a more current file.  That certainly sounds strange to me and not something that I've come across.  Questions for you:

  • Are you sure that you are looking for your file in the correct folder on your computer?
  • Does your file (which looks like a Microsoft Word file?) have the proper file extension (such as *.docx or *.doc)?
  • Have you made sure that you've saved your Microsoft Word file with the most recent changes before submitting it to your instructor?
  • Are you following the directions to attach a file to your assignment submission as outlined in this Guide? How do I upload a file as an assignment submission in Canvas?

In looking at your screen shot, it looks as though you have two "Choose File" buttons, but neither of them have file names listed next to them.  (Is there a reason you have two "Choose File" buttons if you are only uploading one file?)  After you select your file, you would want your screen to look something like this (where your file name is listed):

File Submission

And, as I think you've probably done already, you should be able to check to confirm that your file was attached to your assignment after you submitted it.  How do I know when my assignment has been submitted?

You may have already checked all these things, but could you double-check again just to confirm these things?  Also, I'd be curious to know if you've made sure your Chrome browser is up-to-date, too.

If you could help provide a few more details, maybe we can eliminate some things to get to the root of the issue.  Ultimately, you may need to reach out to the folks at the Canvas Help Desk because the vast majority of Community members don't have access to your school's Canvas account or your course.  You can contact Instructure's Help Desk using the information in this Guide: How do I get help with Canvas as a student?

Looking forward to hearing back from you, Eric!

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 @ericnguyen575  Welcome  to the Canvas Community!

To echo the advice from  @chofer ‌, please check that you have a filename extension at the end of your file (like .docx or .doc) and that you see the name of your 1 file in the dialog box:

File name in the highlight, delete the duplicate file

Upload Assignment file name not shown

And as an instructor who receives files for submissions, your filename is extremely long. Try shortening it to something like: NguyenE-CDEV107-PiagetInvestigation.docx that way it's identifiable as being your assignment, the course, and the assignment.

Hope adding the .docx does the trick for you,
Cheers - Shar

Community Coach
Community Coach


Thank you for also chiming in.  I wonder if Eric's file extensions are hidden?  I believe that's a feature you can turn on/off in Windows.

Just a thought...

Thanks for the help! Yes it a .docx. I did not confuse the files also because I didn't have any similar files in the folder. I am very meticulous when it comes to things like this due to experience in the past, so I am confused what was the case here. 

Community Team
Community Team

 @ericnguyen575 ‌

We are hopeful that by now you've been able to resolve this. In the interest of keeping questions flowing, we're going to mark this question as "Assumed Answered." Please feel free to come back and post a reply if you still need assistance—or post a new question to Q & A‌ whenever you have questions about using Canvas.