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I am making a quiz that includes a multiple choice part and a problem solving part. For the problem solving part, the students will see the question as part of the quiz. They write their solution on a sheet of paper, take a picture of their solution and save it either as jpg or pdf

For this problem solving part, I selected "file upload" type of question setting so that the students can upload the pdf or jpg file they made.

I would like to test if this (file upload) is working. I "preview" the quiz and I can see the file upload area which asks me to "choose a file". However, I cannot see the file I selected as being uploaded then, when I click submit, there is a message that says that I did not answer the problem solving question (the one that requires a file upload).

Is there any setting that I need to make? Or is this because I have to be a "student" to see the file uploading?  


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Hi @EAV 

In this guide, How do I create a file upload question?, it states...............

"You can Preview a quiz before publishing to verify what students see when taking a quiz. However, file upload quiz questions cannot be tested from the Preview screen. To test a file upload quiz question, the quiz must be published and viewed in Student View."

So my suggestion would be to try student view for you testing, although I can assure you, that question type works as advertised!


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