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Files not being stored in FILES

When I upload a new file or document into a module, it used to be automatically listed in my FILES.  This year, everything new I upload into modules is there but not listed in FILES and I cannot link later on in assignments to these files.  Where did they go?  Do I have a setting incorrect that is preventing my uploaded files from being stored?

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Community Coach
Community Coach

Good afternoon, @DenaeONeil ...

When you say that you are upload a file to "Modules", do you mean that you are following the directions in this Guide?

How do I add course content as module items? - Instructure Community (see the section on "Upload File" about half-way down the document)

If this is the procedure that you are attempting, I was able to upload a file via the "Modules" page, and it appeared in my "Files" area of the course as expected.

If you are still having issues with this, you might want to reach out to Canvas Support to see if they can take a look at things with you.  How do I contact Canvas Support? - Instructure Community

I hope this helps a bit.  Let Community members know if we can help in any way...thanks!

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