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Final grade column

I have just had something upsetting happen.  I am very careful before I post final grades, I double check everything and also keep a paper grid of my students grades.

I had a student show me where Canvas had her final grade as a 85.17 but I had written it on my paper (last Fall) as an 84.23; I copied this from Canvas last Fall.  The two grades are the difference between a 2.5 and a 3.0.

Is there anyway Canvas could have updated or changed the grade after I wrote it down??  She was not the only student affected.  

I am so confused as to how I wrote down a different grade???

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Community Coach

Good evening, @AnnetteBurman ...

Hmmm...  to be absolutely sure, have you double-checked to ensure that all assignment scores for that student match up between what you have entered in the Canvas Gradebook compared to what you have on paper?  Another thought...I'm not suggesting that your student is being dishonest with you, but could the student have used the "what if" feature of her Gradebook?  This would allow her to enter in "what if" scores to see what she would need to get for a better grade?  Check out this Guide for students: How do I approximate my assignment scores using th... - Canvas Community.  There could be a host of other reasons for this, but those are the first things that came to my mind.  Hoping to hear back from you soon so Community members can do more troubleshooting with you...thanks!

Thank you for the response,
I looked at Canvas last December and wrote all of the scores on paper so it would be easier for me to log the grades into the school gradebook. After this student contacted me, I checked everyone's and six are now wrong.  There is no way that I wrote six scores down wrong.  I am saying that they were in Canvas as 83.17, etc.  These numbers are nowhere else on Canvas so I didn't accidentally look at the student just above or below.  These grades had to have changed after I looked at them.  This is the question I am asking.  Could Canvas have recalculated the grades somehow after I looked at them???


Did those students have missing assignments?  Not sure if this is the answer, but it is something that I have seen.  If the students have missing assignments, then they were not showing in the grade that you copied down.  However, when you submit the final grades those grades would count as zero I believe and therefore lower the grade.  The best thing to do is export the gradebook to an excel file where you get all the extra columns for each assignment group and final score.  In the final score column your scores should be the same - unless there are missing assignments.

Another thing I do after I finish grading on an assignment is due a sort on the column and then put a 0 in for all missing assignments - or you could use the default grade option to set a grade of 0 for all unsubmitted assignments.