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Find Course ID's from List of SIS ID's


I've been working with James Jones' excellent script example to experiment with Google Spreadsheets. I've deciphered how to work with the User API's, but I'm having a problem with Course API's.

I need to input a list of SIS ID's and return a list of Canvas Course ID's. Unfortunately, it appears the API wants to return only the courses in which I'm enrolled, not all courses. Have I missed something, or is this a limitation of the API?

Thanks in advance.

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If all you need is a list of Canvas IDs and SIS IDs, could you just run a Provisioning report for Courses?  It provides that info but may be more than you need.

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 @jalexander6 ‌,

Be sure you're using the List active courses in an account from the Accounts API and not the List your courses from the Courses API.

The first one is  GET /api/v1/accounts/:account_id/courses  while the second one is GET /api/v1/courses 

Also, if you hadn't noticed it in the documentation yet, you can probably use self instead of the actual account number for :account_id

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Community Coach

Hello  @jalexander6 ‌...

While I don't have an answer for you myself, I wanted to check in with you because it's been almost two months since this discussion topic has had any new activity.  Have you had a chance to review the responses from  @abunag ‌ and  @James ‌?  If so, did either of their responses help to answer your question?  Or, are you still looking for some assistance with your initial question?  If one of the above responses did help to answer your question, please go ahead and mark it as "Correct".  However, if you are still seeking help, please post a message below so that members of the Canvas Community can continue to work with you on getting an answer.  For now, I am going to mark your question as "Assumed Answered", but that won't prevent you or others from posting additional replies below.  I hope that's okay with you, John.  Looking forward to hearing back from you soon!

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Is there anyway to pull ALL courses (including from sub-accounts) using an API?  I'm trying to create a list of courseids for all my courses that have "BP - " in their name no matter which account they are under so I can run another curl to make them all blueprints.  They are all in the same term if that could help.