First video played, but second one did not

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Every week we have videos that I am  are required because there are questions embedded into the videos that are taken for grades. This week we have two to watch and I was able to watch  and submit the first one with no problems. However, when I was trying to watch the second one, I would press the play button after hitting the continue button and it reloaded to a blank white screen l. I was on my iPAD when it happened the first time, so I tried it with my phone and laptop and it was doing the same thing. I was even able to play and watch a video that’s not due now with no problems. I just think that one video is the problem and how can I fix it ?

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Community Coach


Sorry for the delay in response. It sounds like you need to contact the teacher and let them know of this issue. Without seeing how the video is being created and embedded, it's tough to help troubleshoot and help. 

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