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Yahoo appears to be one of the most popular and acknowledged email service providers. With its advanced security features, excellent updates, and top quality services, it has won millions of hearts. However, Users do face certain glitches, such as Yahoo Mail sign in login error. There could be many reasons behind it, like internet connectivity issues or issues in the browser. Along with that, you are required to clear all your browser's cookies immediately. And then, you must restart your browser immediately. You can try to log in through a different sign-in page. By establishing a strong connection, one can simply troubleshoot the Yahoo Mail Sign in Login Page issue


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I'm not sure if you realized this or not, but you have posted this in the global Canvas Community website.  The Community website is a site where people from all over the world come to collaborate with others, suggest new Feature Ideas, ask questions and provide solutions, review written and video "how to" Guides, and much more...all about the Canvas LMS (Learning Management System).  Your posting doesn't appear to be at all related to Canvas, but rather about Yahoo.  By chance, did you intend on posting this information in a course you are taking at your school?  If so, I would suggest that you review the following short video tutorial:

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