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FlipGrid Integration - Not working with Speed Grader

Supposedly, FlipGris is "integrated" with Canvas. I AM able to post FlipGrid assignments, but they are not showing up "embedded" in a Canvas Page (have to use the "open in another window" option to get it to work. AND it is not integrating with the SpeedGrader like it is supposed to. Is this a CODE problem with Canvas, or am I needing to change some settings to get it to fully integrate with Canvas Pages and the SpeedGrader?   

Screen Shot 2020-09-10 at 9.13.01 AM.png



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I am having the same integration issue. The flipgrid video that the student made is not showing up in speedgrader but I can find it in flipgrid and in canvas but not in speedgrader. Any ideas would be helpful! The time it takes to find the flipgrid assignment is a timesuck for sure.

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Same problem here - I can put the Flipgrid app in the sidebar and students can click on it, but it won't embed back onto Canvas assignments and it won't show up in Speed Grader.

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Has anyone figured this out? I set this up in one section and it works seamlessly with Flipgrid in Speedgrader. In. my other section that I just set up tonight - I'm getting this same issue. So I don't know if something changed or I forgot to do something? I added the app with the code/key, used the external tool for the assignment...I can see recordings in the assignment or in flipgrid, but not in speedgrader. 

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I might have figured this out. It seems that I created 2 instances of flipgrid and so when I chose the external tool, I didn't choose the correct one. See if maybe that fixes it.