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Flipgrid Record Options Not Showing

When using the Flipgrid LTI, the option to proceed after recording will not show on the screen.  This was not an issue two weeks ago when I last used Flipgrid; but, now, as you can see the menu options on the left of the screen are barely visible and the option to click Next on the right is off the screen.  There is no way to scroll, reducing the zoom does not work, nor does using a browser other than Chrome.   We can still integrate by using the Flipgrid website and embedding; but, many of my teachers like the functionality of the app.  Any ideas or suggestions are appreciated!




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I'm having the same problem. I'm going to have to reconfigure my entire 3 courses if there's no solution; I can't use this with students if they can't access the recording buttons. On my own computer, I see a tiny sliver of a button that I can click (I'm guessing it's the accept or continue button, because it moves me forward in the recording process). 

Anybody have any ideas on how to prevent the sides of the FlipGrid interface from cutting off when it's installed as an App in Canvas? 

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Flipgrid has been having issues this week. Earlier today, I received this email from Flipgrid.

To our Flipgrid community -

Today and throughout this week Flipgrid experienced issues impacting your ability to use the service. We sincerely apologize for this disruption.

Our team is conducting a full audit and working around the clock to address these issues. Ensuring stability remains a top priority as millions of educators, learners, and families join and share on Flipgrid.

This educator community is and always will be at the center of everything we do. We know that you rely on Flipgrid to connect and engage your learning community. We will never stop working to support you.

This might be the source of some of your problems.

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@hokanssl, yes the same is true for me.  Unfortunately, the sliver that I can access is rerecord and not, "Next."  I have used the workaround of creating in Flipgrid and embedding.  Easy enough, though that option will not show the videos in the Speedgrader.  

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@justin_jones1, thank you and I hope the issues was related to the one you noted.  The issue is still present as of now.

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I have been experiencing the same thing. I tried several different computers and tablets hoping that it was my laptop, but no matter where I tried, the right "next" button is cut off. 

If you change the settings so students can use their email to sign in, it all works through the website and Flipgrid app. But it's annoying that the full integration doesn't seem to work. I hate students having to leave and come back if they shouldn't have to. 

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@akrems , the exact same issue.  Have tried on Windows 10 laptops, iPads, and personal devices and the issue remains the same.  As you said, the workaround is to embed; but, then the responses will not show in the Speedgrader.