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Flipgrid and Multiple Sections in a Course

I teach 3 different classes across 5 periods and I would like to use Flipgrid in each period.  How do I integrate it in a way that will allow me to create a Grid for each period? I don't want my APUSH, US History and History in Film Courses intermingling their boards I would also like them to be separated by sections.  Can I do this? If so how? 

Also if I can not separate them on the grids by sections, I should be able to see their uploaded assignments in the proper gradebook right? Can I see and grade their video straight from speed grader?



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Hi Margarita, 

Your question sent me on a rabbit hole of discovery to see how to set it up.  Ha, thanks for that. 

So you would have 5 sections of APUSH, 5 sections of US History, and 5 sections of History in Film? Do you have a separate Canvas for each of these class topics? Or, do you have it separated by groups of students and you teach all three class topics to each group of students in the same Canvas class? How the set up will be to do what you want to do depends on that, but the basics are that you have the ability to add more than one Flipgrid integration to each class.

  1. Create all the grids you want in Flipgrid
  2. Open a new window and navigate to class settings on Canvas to the "Apps" and do a search for Flipgrid, click "Add App"
  3. On your Flipgrid account click on "integrations" and find the grid you want to add to the account and copy and paste the consumer key and shared secret into canvas --- MAKE SURE TO change the name to something you can differentiate, as you will be adding more than one Flipgrid to your class. (Flipgrid APUSH - Section 1 - or something like that)
  4. Repeat the process for the different grids you want to add to a specific class (Maybe 5 different sections for each class? )-- it seems Canvas does allow more than one Flipgrid integration in a class Smiley Happy 

Then when making an assignment, you will choose the "external tool" for the submission method--chose the appropriate grid (why it is important to name them), and then in the "Assign To" make sure it is assigned only to the section you want. It should work. 

Just remember to re-name the Flipgrid integration so you can choose the correct "external tool" when assigning a topic submission method in Canvas--the default name is Flipgrid so if you do not rename them you will have many different "Flipgrid" to chose from. When I just tested this and clicked on the "External Tool" I was able to see the different naming to chose from "Flipgrid - Speech 1" "Flipgrid - Speech 2" <-- remember you rename these, I left the Flipgrid there so I knew which kind of external tool it was. 

It will take a little bit to get it set up with the number of classes you have, but it was not hard. Once it is done it should work as you need.

As to your last question yes, you can see--and play-- the videos in the Speech Grader for assessment. I just tried this in my sandbox course as I am setting for next year,  and was able to see the assignment videos for grading, it was wonderful.

I hope this helps,



Thank you so much for this information.  I was wondering why I had 3 flipgrids in my app section.  It's starting to make sense.  How do I rename the flipgrids in the app section?  

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Community Advocate

Hi Mary:  To Edit the name or delete the extra integrations:  go to your course Settings => click Apps tab => click View App Center button => scroll down and find the app.   If you have permissions to do so, you can click the dial and select Edit or Delete. is info one of our amazing teachers who tests things all the time shared:

"If you link the integration to Canvas (so that you can use it as an external tool and assign within Canvas) you can only have 1 LTI linked/authorized that all sections interact with or it FAILS!

If you have more than one (and say name the integrations Flipgrid period 2/3/4 etc) and assign the assignment just to the particular period, the kids will also be able to see the other sections and post there if they choose to. Perhaps, if you are really good you can train them to just hit record and not click ANYTHING else so it posts in the right section. However, they can still go back and interact with the other sections. Also, once you have more than one integration linked to the course you will not be able to view/grade in SpeedGrader. It will give you an LTI:oauth not found error.

So, if you want to have multiple flipgrids for multiple sections I suggest you don’t link them to the Canvas as an LTI plugin. However, this means the kids need to use the join code, leave canvas and you cannot view them in Speedgrader."

Sounds like something we have to go to FlipGrid to see if they can fix (??)

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Just wanted to check my understanding with the Flipgrid:Canvas integration and multiple sections concern.  Hildi_Pardo, what you're describing is an issue if a teacher has one shell with multiple sections in that course shell.  Conversely, if a higher ed teacher has one shell for each section (which is typically how they're driven from the SIS) and isn't cross-listing any sections into a single course shell, the LTI integration will work as intended and students in a distinct shell/section will only see a topic and group that is created for the course shell they're enrolled in.

Jackie Hubbard

Bellevue College