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Flipped Learning - a Disaster!

Flipped classrooms - this is a course I did as PD a couple of years ago, thought it a real good idea, a concept with a lot of merit, but when I tried to implement it to my Year 11 Software Design class, "horror" was on their faces, but we don't do homework, we only have some boring homework to do. I tried to tell them this is not "really" homework, but it's also been made to be more informative and hopefully more interesting, opening up more they told me this, "we haven't had any other class do this, so why should we do something we are not used to". 

This happened the next year in my next year 11 class, so, I, with sad face, dumped my idea of a good way of teaching. 

Any thoughts or ideas on how you may get Flipped Learning more into the mainstream of this school would be ideal. 

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It sounds like the students have completely missed the point.  Flipped is about the "content" being delivered at home and then the practice being at school.  I have never done fully flipped but I was a Blended Learning coach and that is a mixture of flipped and other models so that the lesson can dictate the method of teaching.

I always described flipped as Michael Jordan going home and practicing how to shot free-throws the wrong way for 2 hours.  He will then of course shoot them wrong during a game.  With a flipped method, he would learn about free-throws at home and then practice them during the day when a coach (teacher) was there to answer questions and do corrections so that he was ready for game time.  

I also hope that the students don't stick to the "we haven't had any other class do this, so why should we do something we are not used to" too strongly as college will slap them in the face and the real world will knock them flat.  Instead, they should welcome the change and hope that other teachers tried newer styles of teaching.  I know this is a mindset change and most likely is not something you can completely re-wire.

I would check out some Blended Learning ideas where you can mix flipped with standard Face to Face or other models.  This is a great resource for this: .  This way there is a mixture and may be easier for them to swallow.

All of this is just my two cents and I applaud your efforts to try new things and want to do what is best for your students!


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Thank you