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Free for Teacher Account... no Admin button to link to Microsoft Teams

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Hi everyone, 

I have a Free for Teachers (FFT) account, and wanted to integrate with Microsoft Teams. I don't see the option of an Admin button (into which I am supposed to go to get a developer key). So the real question is: Can a FFT account use Microsoft Teams in an integrated way? 

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Free For Teachers (FFT) accounts do not provide admin privileges and as such do not accommodate integrations that require admin permissions. For more information, please read through the Canvas Account Comparisons PDF.

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Just adding some context here. In 2020, Instructure developed a basic Microsoft Teams Meeting app that was enabled in the FFT accounts. This is what the attached video is referencing. The Microsoft Teams support that was just released in partnership with Microsoft developing their new apps for Microsoft Teams Meetings and Microsoft Teams classroom will not work with FFT. The primary limitation is Microsoft requires a Microsoft Education licensed tenant for the Canvas course sync and the new Teams apps to work. Unfortunately, this model will not support FFT users.

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