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Is there a way to add Fudge Points to an entire class for a quiz?  Or do I have to manually add them in for every student?

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Hi  @dmckie ,

Unfortunately, you'll have to manually input the fudge points for each individual student. You can also just go through the gradebook and manually input a new score for students.

You could use the "Quiz Regrade" feature to change the correct answer for a question and award students back points that way. You can also set a default grade for a quiz, but this would just give all of the students in your course the same grade as opposed to just adding a certain amount of points: How do I set a default grade for an assignment? 


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Why don't you curve the quiz instead? I know some faculty export the gradebook as CSV file and batch edit the score in the CSV and reupload the gradebook. Does it worth the effort?

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I think I have a fix that works. Export the grades, add the marks in a spreadsheet, reimport then you will see in speedgrader each student has the added fudge mark.

To get the new grade to display in the grade book I had to Update the score for just one student in speedgrader. 



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