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GDPR Requests for Data and for Deletion of Data

Is there anyone in this group who has experience servicing a GDPR data request for Canvas student data?  What method did you use to gather all of the student's data?  Have you had a request to delete a student's data based on the GDPR, and how did you carry out that request?

Thank you.
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Did you get a reply from anyone? I've tried to search for GDPR compliance in the Canvas guides and communities but your question and two older ones were all that came up.

I need to be able to delete quiz results after a course is closed in order for my institution to comply. Any ideas or directions on how to do that?

Thanks //

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No, unfortunately no one replied.  I'm not sure Canvas has any good way of searching for all of the data associated with a particular student.  It would be nice to have an official answer on this from Instructure.

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