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General Answer Comments Lost when Copied over from Question Bank ?

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The General Answer Comments of a question will be lost when copied over from a question bank of an old course to a new course? 

I searched to find the answer but I did not. Please enlighten me if the general answer comments will be erased when you copy a question bank question to a new course?  

The problem is kind of subtle, if you create the question as a new question in the source course, the question and general answer comments will be copied over without any problem to a new course,  but if your source question was generated from a question bank in the source course, when copied over to the target course,  both the question bank question and the quiz question lose their general answer comments. 

Some of my faculty use this feature as a hint, but I noticed when you copy them over to a new course, it totally disappeared. Is there a fix for it? or I am doing something wrong?


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Community Team
Community Team

If the question is whether or not there is currently a way to get general answer comments on file upload quiz questions to copy along with the question from one course to the next, the answer is unfortunately No.  This is a confirmed known issue.

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Community Team
Community Team

Greetings Giant Panda,

I hope you're not too warm this summer in your furry pelt?

As a test I just created a quiz question in one course with general feedback and then went into a second course and imported the quiz.  The general comment appears to have been copied over correctly:

246671_Screenshot 2017-08-14 09.18.29.png

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Hi Master Scott,

Maybe my fat furry paws did not make it 100% clear. Do this instead, create a question in a question bank first, then make a quiz question from this question bank question, then copy both the question bank and the question made from the question bank to a new course, see what happened.

Keep me posted


Ohhh, sorry.  I did not read carefully the first time.

Here is the question after I manually created it in a bank:

246673_Screenshot 2017-08-14 10.28.50.png

Here is is after copying it into a quiz in the same course:

246680_Screenshot 2017-08-14 10.35.35.png

Here it is in a second course after I imported everything from course #1 to course #2: 

246686_Screenshot 2017-08-14 10.46.40.png

I see the feedback in the second course so I believe everything copied correctly.  Does that answer your original question?

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Hi, Scott, 

Thanks for prompt follow up, now I am really wondering if my course is jinxed. See my screen shot;

1. this is what in the source course's question bank, notice the comment area, you have a downloadable link.


and then I copy this QB question and the quiz question to a new course, 

this is what I got:


As highlighted, the content in the comment box is totally gone. 

I noticed you used multiple choice questions, could you try a file upload over your end? many thanks. 

Hello Again,

As a test, I went back into the multiple choice question and added an html link to the general comment feedback.  I then deleted and re-added the question to the quiz.  In I again copied the entire first course into a third course.

Here is the first:

246701_Screenshot 2017-08-14 13.36.50.png

Here in the third:

246702_Screenshot 2017-08-14 13.40.25.png

At this point I would encourage you to file a ticket with our support folks as I do not think what you are experiencing is the norm.


Community Contributor

Hi, Scott, 

I think I have found out why. it is the question type. 

If you try a file upload question, you will see what I mean. the comment will not be copied over if your question is a file upload question, in multiple choice, the comments were kept.

I noticed names of these comments boxes are called slightly different, in multiple choices, it is called  " Comments,if the student chooses this answer:" but in file upload questions it is called "General answer comments".

I made two questions respectively and copied them over to a new course, you can see the contrast below as attached. 

multiple choice, yes; file upload, no.

I will report this to the support team, meanwhile, please also note this is not an individual case, I bet it held true for other accounts. 

Thanks Again.




I tried again with a file upload question and also lost my feedback so your theory has been confirmed.


246718_Screenshot 2017-08-14 14.20.48.png


246717_Screenshot 2017-08-14 14.21.23.png

Community Contributor

If some gurus over your end can help us fix it, it will be even shweeeeeter. 


Hello Again Giant Panda,

I did some checking and discovered that this is a known issue.  If you would like to be kept apprised on progress please open a support ticket and ask it to be associated with "File Upload questions don't save comments on Export/Course Copy."