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Generating Variable Question Quiz Banks Quickly

One feature that I haven't seen yet (and if it existed overlooked, this thread is moot) is the idea to copy questions within a bank/quiz. 

Our goal is to create banks of variable questions so that a teacher can easily create a quiz, create a question group, and pull a given number of variable questions from a standard aligned bank of variable questions. 

As you can't copy questions directly, we figured out the very simple way to create these banks indirectly. 

Create two banks. We called one "Bounce" (Call it whatever you want) and the other the actual bank for your questions. Create the variable question one time in Bounce. After that click "move/copy question to another bank" and select the appropriate bank and click "Move/Copy Questions". Be sure that "Keep a copy in this question bank as well" is checked.

At this point, you can quickly click to move to another bank and then "Move/Copy Questions" in rapid succession to quickly generate a bunch of variable questions in the bank. 

Hope you find this helpful, and please share if you have a better way of doing this. 

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