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Generating average class mark for students too see form Rubric results?

Hi everyone.

I've been having a chat with one of our lecturers about the facility for students to see an average class mark for each rubric. I'm not aware of any facility that would allow this, but wondered if it was something I have missed?


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 @r_v_jones ​ - When a student views their current grades in the class they will see where they fall compared to the rest of the course.  This isn't specific to a particular criteria on the rubric, but overall scores on a particular assignment.  Was this what you were looking for?

Thanks, Sam

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Thanks  @bacherts ​

I think what the lecturers actually want is an average of each of the criteria so students see more of a granular breakdown of their position in the cohort.

Does that make sense?


 @r_v_jones ​, if you set up your criteria as outcomes and then build your rubrics with those outcomes, your lecturers can use the Learning Mastery Gradebook to see students' performance relative to those outcomes. Students can view these as well. The features (Learning Mastery Gradebook and Student Learning Mastery Gradebook) need to be enabled at the course level.

For detailed explanations, please refer to:

What are Outcomes?

What calculation methods are available for Outcomes?

How do I align an Outcome with a Rubric in my course?

How do I use the Learning Mastery Gradebook?

What Feature Options are currently available for my Canvas course?

Community Team
Community Team

 @r_v_jones , did the suggestions above answer your question?

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Our faculty have expressed frustration over the lack of data export options from Rubrics. It is absolutely true that you can get that data if you align rubrics with outcomes, but it's a logical expectation that you would be able to get data back OUT of a system you put it INTO. Fortunately, there is a feature request in the gathering info stage that might address your needs. You can still add your comments to the post.

Community Team
Community Team

 @r_v_jones , since we haven't heard back from you on this, we're hopeful that either one of the suggestions given has helped or that you have decided to go the Feature Idea route. Accordingly, we're going to put this into "Assumed Answered" status. Of course, the discussion remains open for participation, so feel free to provide us with an update on your progress.