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Geogebra embedded in an assignment

I just learned that I can embed Geogebra applets into Canvas, which is really awesome.

I would like to create an assignment with this, and have students complete a task with the Geogebra applet. If I create an assignment with a Geogebra applet/task for students to complete and submit, will Canvas save the state of the student's Geogebra applet when it is submitted? Either as the last state of their applet or an image? This way they could complete graphical activities within a Canvas assignment with Geogebra.


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I am wondering the same thing.  I tried embedding the external tool in an assignment but get the 404 error so I am looking forward to seeing the responses here.

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I wonder how (if) it is possible also.

I copied and pasted the embed code of a Geogebra activity into a Canvas quiz. It shows a graph with two points and the line passing through them. A linear equation is given in standard form. Students are to move the points to the x and y intercepts to graph the line. They are able to do this, but once they submit the quiz, the points move back to their original position. 

Is it possible for the student's Geogebra work within a Canvas quiz be saved when submitted? Thanks in advance.


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The only way, you can se the students work in Geogebra, is by asking them to submit a screenshot.

Moodle quizzes has an add on, so you can import, exprot and check variables in geogebra, and that way confirm that a student has completed the assignment. It would be really nice with something similar in Canvas.