Getting Analytics for Inactive Students

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I am curious if anyone has come across this. When students drop a course before the end of a term, they are removed from our Canvas courses. So, any analytics on the student in those particular courses is no longer accessible. This doesn't seem like it would be a huge deal, but then later if we need to go back and get analytic data, we cannot because the data is gone. 

I had the idea of marking the students' enrollment as "inactive", which does about half of what I need it to do. We need a way to keep students in the Canvas courses to keep all the analytic data, participation data, submission data, etc, and keep them from being visible to students and faculty. Only admins should be able to see these students. 

Does anyone have a suggestion on what we could do? It become cumbersome during a Financial Aid audit to have to re-enroll the students, but then New Analytics won't have anything on them because they were deleted. 

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