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Getting Analytics from Canvas Modules


We had a faculty member post modules on the Commons and we are wondering if it's possible to get any analytical data (more so than what is already present on the Admin page)?  Here's some more details from the request: 

"I'm interested in how many actual courses each (or total of all Mods) were actually in, or clones of the Mods I created. Commons shows "downloads", but I know once it is downloaded, the whole course can be duplicated, etc, which wouldn/t be included in that download stat?
Then, how many students accessed, or viewed, or completed the Mods (each Mod had 1 or more "info" pages, a quiz, and an "activity" assignment).
Like I mentioned, at least one canvas course I know of had a multiple class sections combined... So I will also have to take that into account for how many "classes" to count."
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